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The best towns to visit while on holiday in the Algarve, Portugal.

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Planning to visit Lagos in the near future? Casa Rosa Montes is definitely the place to stay.

Lagos is a truly historical and unique city located in the charming Western Algarve, offering a rich cruise heritage and coastlines of dramatic natural landscapes.

Fortunately, Lagos has given up on mass tourism, and the city remains faithful to its distinctive character and charm. Found inside the historic center is a proud Portuguese city, with cobbled streets, authentic restaurants, and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Lagos is the ultimate combination of traditional Portuguese culture, modern tourism facilities, breathtaking beaches and lively nightlife, only to name a few.

And what better way to spend your holidays at Lagos, than over at the perfect guesthouse? Casa Rosa Montes is perfectly suited and catered for both couples and families, guaranteeing absolute peace and relaxation during your stay with us.

Located just 2 km’s away from “Praia do Burgau” e “Praia da Luz” and extremely close to Costa Vicentina,

Casa Rosa Montes is like no other guesthouse in Lagos.

We are a bed and breakfast with a cozy family like atmosphere and we even have bicycles available for renting, so that you can explore the city in an environmental and hassle free way.

All of our rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning and minibar, offering incredible balcony with views, so be sure to book your stay and enjoy an unforgettable experience with us.

There is a vast array of activities you may undertake to make the most of your stay, but we are here to help, so we are going to make a couple of suggestions for your Lagos Adventures. From bike tours around the city of Lagos, to a day spent at the beach, boat and kayaking tours to the caves, surf lessons, dolphin watching or a trip to the Zoo, there are plenty of things to do.

Back in downtown Lagos, the historic city is a paradise of exploration, with Portuguese sidewalks in beautiful patterns on the streets, and views that take you to the Age of Discovery when explorers sailed from the harbor.

Lagos is most definitely one of the towns you just can’t afford to miss during your next vacation in Algarve, but because we believe in sharing, here’s a list of other towns that should make it to your bucket list!


Algarve's destinations are all beautiful and Tavira is one of them that must be listed. The history of the city is related to the Moorish tradition, so the infrastructure is so unique and the Moorish influence is pretty noticeable.

As you walk through the city, you can admire the beautiful Gialo River which blends with Moorish architecture and churches.

The cobbled streets will make walking around the city enjoyable when you grasp the beauty of the plaza beside the road. Such places in the Algarve, like Tavira, have heavenly beaches next to the magical Nature Park of Ria Formosa.

Tavira is also famous for locally produced wine with perfect aroma and taste, and places that play music while you watch a romantic sunrise.

Delicious food is also 'a must' here and all of them have affordable prices; outstanding local Portuguese wines and even 'green wine' similar to champagne and served with chicken or fish and other local Portuguese dishes.


In the list of the best cities in the Algarve, Albufeira has to be mentioned. It has a lively and very happy atmosphere filled with energy, sunshine, and beautiful views.

The sandy beach makes you breathless and the climate is perfect for relaxing and feel vibrant again. This place is never lonely or 'rested' - lots of clubs, restaurants and fun nightlife are proof of it.

Albufeira is one of the best places in the Algarve.One thing that makes Albufeira famous is the party and the fun nightlife with many clubs and bars on 'The Strip'. In addition, for families with children, there are plenty of water parks and amusement parks - the perfect place for all age groups!

In the Old City, you will be amazed by the cobbled streets and plazas, small pubs and restaurants, compared to 'The Strip' of course.

Local wine is delicious and is produced in Albufeira and nearby places, and the 'Sagres' beer is the most famous locally produced beer.

The cooking skills here are astounding - you can try local seafood, Chinese, Indian, Italian, German cuisine and even British food and many types of grilled! Then, go to 'Sherry's Bar' to enjoy great music and drinks and a friendly atmosphere.


Are you looking to find the best place to stay in the Algarve? Maybe Carvoeiro! A place that looks like a work of art - bright colors, lively atmosphere, and the charm of a story book!

For a relaxing and quiet holiday, this glorious place is the perfect choice with its beautiful bars and fine sandy beaches. There are many hiking trails for those who love nature, also lots of water activities like kayaking and sports for fun on the beach.

Amazing cliffs, caves and enticing caves and boat tours to see all this beauty at once. It is quite suitable for young people and families with children and this place is not too crowded like other places which makes it perfect for a real vacation break trip. Praia Paraiso Beach is truly paradise - as the name itself explains!

There is a lot of great seafood and local wine and beer, but don't miss the gorgeous 'gelato' ice cream. ‘Tropical Helders Bar' has an unpretentious charm to it, beautiful seafood, seafood pizza, large portions of pasta, and meat dishes - all while you feel comfortable in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.


To find out which places to visit from all the best cities in the Algarve, Vilamoura will definitely be a good choice. Located in the south of this Portuguese region, there are many things to see aside from the perfect beach and sunny weather.

The surprise comes with the sophisticated golf course 'The Old Course', resorts, stunning nature, water parks, amusement parks and luxury marinas with many exclusive hotels and beautiful restaurants. This is a perfect place that reflects luxury through beautiful yachts - perfect for tourists who enjoy luxury travel. golden sandy beaches with crystal water, and water sports, perfect isn´t it?

The historic part of the city offers a glimpse of local culture and traditions.

Gastronomy is also perfect here; 'Braganca Mar' has the most delicious cheese cakes and desserts, perfectly cooked steaks at a fair price and spicy mushrooms and kebabs - so you definitely want more of this place!

Enjoy views of palm trees and sunsets in a luxurious environment, the elite Atlantic Piano Bar or maybe you prefer the' Biddy Jane 'bar for live music, low lights, casual parties and friendly and bartenders.


Portimao is an important fishing port and is famous for its restaurants specializing in grilled sardines - many of these restaurants can be found on the quayside. It's also one of the best shopping cities on the beach, the pedestrian city center is filled with shops, and food markets are often set up in the town square. Shopping centers and outlets around the city offer traditional handicrafts and locally made items.

The city was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1755 and as a result there are several buildings that have historical consequences. Largo 1º de Dezembro is a 19th-century park with 10 beautiful blue and white azulejo benches, each depicting important events in Portuguese history. The city museum, Museu de Portimão, is located in a former cannery on the banks of the River Arade, showcasing the region's tradition of fishing and canning sardines, as well as displaying some amazing underwater archeological findings.


Lying on a hill overlooking a fertile valley embroidered with orange groves, vineyards and olive trees, Silves is one of the most beautiful cities in the Algarve.

The landscape is dominated by beautiful city castle - the grandest monuments for Islamic rule in the region. Built by the Moors in the 11th century on a Roman foundation, the castle's dramatic profile was reinforced by its copper-red walls, some of which stretched to the city below. This is Xelb, the Moorish capital of al-Gharb ("west"). Another good example of the presence of Islam can be seen at Museu Arqueológico, where the star exhibit is an impressive Arab water tank with an 18 meter deep well.

Silves are worth exploring while on vacation. Descending from the fortress is the Sé (cathedral), built between 1242 and 1577 on the site of the Great Mosque of Xelb. Opposite is the 16th century Igreja da Misericórdia, full of nice Manueline side doors. The city itself is pleasant, especially the area along the river bank, which is lined with a small market and some very good restaurants. Cruise ships from Portimao tie here near the old bridge.

These are just some of the best towns to visit in Algarve, Portugal according to Casa Rosa Montes bed and breakfast in Lagos.

If you have any questions about our tours or other activities during your stay in our guest house in Lagos, feel free to contact our front desk upon check-in, or send us a message and we’ll gladly assist in every way possible to guarantee that your stay at our bed and breakfast in Lagos will be a memorable one!

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