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Looking for the best surf spots in Portugal? This blog is for you!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Are there any beaches to surf in Portugal? There certainly is!

Hawaii or Australia? Do we really have to go all the way there to find the best waves in the world? Well.. you are wrong! The fact is that Europe has crazy surf spots with amazing waves, nothing to jealous of this destinations.

Portugal has become one of the world's surfing destinations, in part because of the famous Hawaiian McNamara surfer, who in 2013 had explored a 30 meter wave at Nazaré. Since then, this beach and many other beaches around it have become a hunted places for a lot of surfers.

Portugal is also currently competing with France for the title of "surfing capital of Europe". Nearly 1,800 km of beaches, the beaches with different breaks for all tastes and levels. And although we know that it is so complicated to rank the best waves and the best beaches.. here we will talk about where the best beaches to surf in Portugal and many more, for different reasons, find the 10 best surfing spots in Algarve and around Portugal.

Praia da Luz - Lagos

Praia da Luz is only 2km from our guesthouse in Lagos. Praia da Luz is mostly known as a regular tourist beach town, but it is a great surf spot as well. It is located very close to Lagos and the beach break is very comparable to the one at Praia de Porto de Mos. So like that beach, the wave conditions are often beginner friendly but the break has some hazards that any surfer must keep in mind!

Meia Praia - Lagos

Surf at Meia Praia beach in Lagos is not very common but when the right swell hits it, it usually results in friendly waves. The beach has a sandy bottom without rocks and can get busy but due to it’s many peaks it does not feel so crowded. Located only 2 km from our guesthouse in Lagos, Meia Praia is worth a visit!

Porto de Mos - Lagos

Surf spot Praia de Porto de Mos, usually shortened to Porto de Mos or just Mos, is south facing. But contrary to what you might think, it often works best with the right north swell. Although the waves are often quite mellow, it is not necessarily a beginner friendly beach due to some hazards. Only 15 minutes driving from our guesthouse in Lagos, make sure you know what you’re doing or you can arrange a surf guide.

Praia do Mareta - Sagres

In and around Sagres you are in a perfect place wherever you are. You can walk in 10 minutes from the west side to the south side of Portugal. If on one side it is too high, you lie on the other side in the water. Mareta is a pleasant place where the waves are usually half as high as those on the west side.

Sagres has a lot of surfing schools and surf shops. Only 29 minutes drive from our guesthouse in Lagos, you will arrive at this amazing surfing beach which is perfect for beginners.

Praia do Amado - Aljezur

Praia do Amado is located in Algarve. On the west coast. Chill atmosphere and various types of waves. prais do Amado is often offer something for everyone. There is a surfing school. Also a very nice place for those who traveling by camper. Because you can park your camper for free!

Our guesthouse in Lagos is located 34 minutes from this beach, but if you are looking for good accommodation near the beach, check other places nearby and feel the purity of the environment.

Praia de Arrifana - Aljezur

The Algarve is famous for its stunning cliffs, white sandy beaches, and clear waters. And of course, besides being a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, this place is also one of the perfect places to surf in Portugal.

Arrifana is one of the most popular destinations among bodyboarders and surfers. This is a very calm and protected beach, with strong waves that make local surfers and tourists from all over the world stop in this paradise simply to get a good surfing session. The most important is Arrifana is that it's not a crowded place at the moment, so ... we have to take an advantage, tomorrow could be too late!

Praia do Norte - Nazaré

The most famous surfing spot in Nazaré is Praia do Norte. Praia do Norte has the biggest waves in Portugal. Surfing is for surfers who are truly experts. The waves at Praia do Norte are big, strong, and heavy. Even if you can't surf, it's worth it to come to Nazaré and see the performance of big wave surfers.

The best conditions in Praia da Norte are with the wind blowing from the east and west or the northwestern wave. This is a beach break at low tide.

Praia da Vila - Nazaré

Another surfing spot is Praia da Vila, which is next to the central pedestrian area of ​​Nazaré. It is also known as Praia da Nazare. There are beach breaks with right and left waves and sandy bottom. However, Praia da Vila is only for experienced surfers, because the waves are so fast, strong and heavy. This is a favorite place for tourists in Nazaré. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes along this beach.

The waves at Praia da Vila pretty much not consistent. It works with east, northeast or southeast winds and west or northwest waves. Praia da Vila works better with big waves.

Praia do Guincho - Sintra

One of the most favorite beaches for surfers in Cascais is "Praia do Guincho". A stunning beaches in the Sintra-Cascais natural park where you can enjoy nature in its purest form and one of the best surfing paradise of the world.

This long beach, with breathtaking forest views, sand dunes and green hills, hosts some of the world's most famous surfing championships. Because the waves are amazing, so many surfers, and not just professionals, come to this special Portuguese place.

Surfers share the stage with windsurfing and kites, because the wind blowing on the beach is more than perfect for all of ‘em.

Praia de Coxos - Ericeira

Ericeira is one of the world's four surfing reserves, along with the California coast at Malibu and Santa Cruz, and Manly Beach Australia. This small fishing village in the north of Lisbon offers a variety of beaches for various levels of surfing. Ribeira d'Illhas, San Lourenço, Sao Sebastiao, Pedra Branca, Foz do Lizandro ... these are some of the beaches where you can find the best reef breakers in the world, suitable for surfers of different levels, always depending on sea conditions.

But if we have to highlight one, it is undoubtedly "Praia de Coxos", a small bay where only the bravest surfers dare to enter the water. The waves can reach up to 5 meters and are also exceptional tubes for the most experienced surfers. Therefore this destination is popular among surfers, especially outside the summer. Various surfing competitions take place at Ericeira, and not much more can be said, the pictures speak for themselves. Without any doubt, some of the best waves in the world are taken here.

Those are the best surfing spots in Portugal according to our guesthouse in Lagos.

However, if you are looking for the perfect place to stay in Lagos, Portugal. Casa Rosa Montes is surely the perfect for you!

Located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Algarve and certainly one of everyone's favorites, Lagos is a bustling city full of activities, from nightlife to modern tourist attractions. However, the city is also full of history, architecture, and monuments that bring us back to the many different people who have settled here and the many maritime adventures that have begun in the impressive natural port of Lagos. The closest beaches are the best in the region and the rocky headland in Ponta da Piedade is extraordinarily beautiful.

Our guesthouse in Lagos is perfect for family holidays and for couples retreats, surronded by famous beaches, where you are guaranteed to spend days of absolute peace and relaxation in a comfortable and family atmosphere.

We even have bike for rent, so you can explore this stunning town in an environmentally friendly and hassle-free way.

All of our rooms are equipped with a TV, air conditioning and minibar, offering outstanding balcony views.

Why you have to chose us?

Located only 2 km from "Praia do Burgau" and "Praia da Luz" and very close to the Costa Vicentina, Casa Rosa Montes is unlike any other guesthouse in Lagos. At Casa Rosa Montes you will find a family atmosphere, our friendly staff will be happy to help you with anything.

You will find a variety of activities that we can recommend during your stay at our guesthouse in Lagos.

We hope you will enjoy our suggestions for your Lagos Adventure. From cycling around Lagos, to a day at the beach, boat tours to caves, kayak tours, surfing lessons, watching dolphins, zoo visits, etc..

The city offers many tourist attractions and activities suitable for your children, with a variety of restaurants.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to book your guesthouse in Lagos with us for an unforgettable experience!

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