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Planning to visit Lagos in the near future? Casa Rosa Montes is definitely the place to stay!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Casa Rosa Montes is a charming guest house in Lagos, perfect for family holidays, where you can spend some quiet and peaceful days. It is located just 2km from Burgau Beach and Praia da Luz and extremely close to the Costa Vicentina.

Casa Rosa Montes is a bed and breakfast in Lagos which provides bikes for renting, which can be a big help in the exploring of Lagos.

Casa Rosa Montes is like no other guest house in Lagos.

You will not want to leave with such comfortable bedrooms, all equipped with balcony views, simple and cozy decoration, TV, air conditioning and minibar.

Make sure to book your bed and breakfast in Lagos with us. You will find a wide variety of extraordinary activities that we can suggest during your stay in our Bed and Breakfast in Lagos. We hope you will enjoy our suggestions for your Lagos Adventures. From biking around Lagos, to a day at the beach, boat tours to the caves, kayaking tours, surf lessons, dolphin watching, zoo visits, etc.

Lagos is a busy coastal town in the Algarve that has all the things people love about the region, and Casa Rosa Montes is the perfect guest house in Lagos, as we offer a quiet and comfortable setting for you to unwind and disconnect. There are plenty of beach options, ranging from long sandy bays to small bays surrounded by ocher-colored cliffs. This rock formations create an amazing view at Ponta da Piedade, where cliffs and obelisks are filled with caves and arches and the sea is a clear emerald color.

Back in downtown Lagos, this old city is a paradise of exploration, with Portuguese sidewalks in beautiful patterns on the streets, and views that take you to the Age of Discovery when explorers sailed from the harbor.

Looking for things to do in Lagos? Here are some of our top suggestions!

Benagil Caves Boat Tour from Lagos

Make sure to visit Europe's most impressive sea cave, Benagil Cave; although there are plenty of alternatives to explore, because Algarve’s entire coastline is filled with caves, curved caves, and strange rock formations. The best way to enjoy all caves and coastlines is to take a Benagil Cave Tour that will get you closer and personal to Benagil caves in Portugal and show you the rest of the coastline at the same time.

Kayak Cave Explorer Tour

Kayaking is one of the best water sports to experience in Lagos. See more of the Algarve than on the deck of a boat during a kayak and snorkel excursion - suitable for beginners, as well as advanced kayakers. Kayaking means you'll have access to exclusive locations, including Dona Ana Beach as well as remote caves, which you won’t be needing to share with the usual crowds.

Ponta da Piedade

A natural Portuguese wonder awaits you on a promontory just a few minutes south of the old center of Lagos. Ponta da Piedade has cliffs, outcrops and piles of red and yellow limestone, reaching 20 meters, with twisted walls and sparkling transparent water below. If you take a boat tour or kayak tour from the marina, you will pass by natural arches and caves. But on foot it is almost as memorable as you climb down a ladder cut off the cliff face, while at the top the view of this headland goes to Cape St. Vincent to the west.

Praia do Camilo

Not a typical day at the beach, Praia do Camilo, next to Ponta da Piedade, is a fabulous cove at the foot of ocher-colored cliffs. It's an adventure just getting there, as you have to go down about 200 steps on a secure wooden ladder carved into the rock. But make sure before going down you stop to take a breather and enjoy the golden sands, the blue ocean and the captivating red and yellow tones of the rocky formations. The water is as calm as possible, and you can swim in circles or walk through a natural tunnel to a nearby cove and when the tide is over, you can head out to the caves in the bay.

Zoo de Lagos

The little ones can approach animals from all five continents at this zoo, just a few kilometers from the city of Lagos. The birds account for more than half of the 350 inhabitants and are kept in clean, well presented and relatively large aviaries. The parrot family is well represented here, with African ashes, military macaws, parakeets and cockatiels.

As for mammals, the park has a small farm where the younger ones can meet and pet goats and dwarf sheep, and a venue where you can interact with playful lemurs for an extra fee. There are also more than a dozen species of monkeys, several wild cats, and a variety of turtles and tortoises.

Dolphin Watching

Most definitely one of the top attractions to experience in Lagos. Although actual dolphin sighting is not guaranteed per se, you will have a great opportunity to do so. Most shipping companies used at the port use RIB that is fast and environmentally friendly (skinned rubber boats) and it usually lasts for about two hours. You will wear a windproof jacket and switch to an open ocean with a skipper who will rely on tips from other ships, and expertise to track dolphin pods, bottlenose dolphins, ordinary dolphins and Risso dolphins living here. Most companies claim there is a 90% chance of actually spotting dolphins, and you will know why you made the effort once you glance.

Igreja de Santo António

From the outside you may wonder how this church can be listed as a Portuguese National Monument. There is an unadorned white facade which is crested by two bell towers, but this gives way to a magnificent nave. Each surface is coated with wood carvings, azulejos or paintings. The paintings on the ceiling dome stand out, and the paintings on the walls depict the life of St. Anthony of Lisbon. This church was owned by the Portuguese military from the 18th century until 1929 when it was handed over to the government for urgent repair work. There is only once a year to celebrate the patron saint on June 13.

Praia de Dona Ana

One of the closest beaches to the old center of Lagos, is also right up there as one of the top best in the region. Praia de Dona Ana, only rises from Praia do Camilo and is framed by these charming cliffs, colored in yellow and red. There are also outcrops at the edge of the water and out at the bay, bringing some additional drama to the scenery. Praia de Dona Ana is a broad beach, with a combination of little golden sand and shells. And the waters are almost always calm thanks to the protection from the rocks and the eastern aspect.

Old Lagos

The historic core of the broads lined houses in streets with patterns still partially contained by the sixteenth-century walls. This is best observed in the Constitution Garden by the water, protecting the seat of the governor of the Algarve province when Lagos was the capital between 1576 and 1756. Nearby is a monument reminiscent of of the city's dark historical period; The Slave Market was the Lagos slave market for about 250 years, starting in 1444, and is a reminder that the Age of Invention has human costs. One of the heroes of this period was Henry the Navigator, whose expedition departed from the port of Lagos in the fifteenth century. It is commemorated with a statue in Praça Infante D. Henrique.

Those are the best things to do while visiting Lagos according to Casa Rosa Montes bed and breakfast in Lagos.

If you have any questions about tours and other activities you can ask the reception directly when you check-in in our guest house in Lagos or you can send us a message we will be very happy to help you make an unforgettable experience while visiting and staying at our bed and breakfast in Lagos.

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