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How to save some money while traveling.

Dreaming of an amazing trip around the world, but feel like you can't take it because you don't have much money to pay for it?

Who doesn't like saving money if it possible? Traveling can be super expensive, but with the right strategies you can bring down the costs.

Try these tips below for your next vacation and your wallet will thank you.

Traveling in the "off" season

Most destinations have an "off" season, or time of the year when tourism is far less.

There are so many reasons for this, but it‘s usually related to the weather: people who will only be on vacation for one week tend to want to travel when they know they will have the best weather, so they can squeeze out all their activities in the short amount of time they have.

If you travel to your chosen destination in a season where fewer people vacation there, everything will be cheaper, from souvenirs to accommodation, that includes flight tickets!

Search for free activities.

If you do a little research, you will often see a lot of free activities in your destinations. Look at the community calendar to see what is happening in the city while you are there. Take an independent walking tour to familiarize yourself with your goals. Museums often have ‘pay for what you can’ day once a week and sometimes get a discounted entry ticket after a certain time of day.

Track your expenses

When traveling don't write down everything you spend, but write it down every time you go to the ATM. If you write it down, you will see how often you spend money and think ahead asking yourself, "if I keep spending 200 dollars a week and I will have enough money to complete this journey?" If not, you need to reduce.

TIP: There are applications to help you keep track of expenses such as Trail Wallet and Mint.

Eat Local Food

It might be tempting to try to prepare the food that is most comfortable for you, like what you eat at home, but in reality this is often more expensive than learning how locals eat and do what they do.

Skip the specialty stores that offer brands that you normally visit and find out how to eat locals! Usually, you will be able to find someone to tell you how to make special dishes, and they might even offer to teach you how to cook other dishes too!

People like to share culture, so take advantage of this and want to learn and try new things!

Book a room with a fridge / microwave or kitchen area.

Although some people might don’t really like to cook while on vacation while room service can be very expensive. It will be better if you prefer your own breakfast and lunch and then a sumptuous dinner. A microwave and refrigerator will also help to heat leftovers.

Don't Shop Near Tourist Attractions

This shouldn't need to be said, but we see people shopping near them all the time so it's not well known. These prices are usually much higher and instead you have to find a local market to shop.

Avoid ATM Fees

This is a great way if you want to save a little bit of money, because in the end if you keep paying the ATM fee you can use it for other purposes such as buying food and something like that.

Pack properly

If you only package what you need, you will prevent buying it on the road. In cheaper countries, this is not so important, but in expensive cities or even high-priced islands such as Ko Phi Phi, it cost $ 15 USD for sunscreen.

Make a Realistic Budget & STICK with it.

The key here is realistic. If you know you want to buy a necklace in every city you visit and you want to go skydiving or rafting, you better think ahead and add it to your budget. If you do not prepare a realistic amount and find yourself spending excessively continuously, you will not only run out of money, you will find yourself in a bad mood and reduce the things you might need towards the end of your trip. You might spend a little less meaning you will be less stressed throughout the trip & happy when you still have cash in the end.

Before you book your hotel, pay attention to the location where you stay.

Transportation can add up quickly, so you might want to stay in a central location. Like somewhere you can walk anywhere will work well. If you stay in the city, will you be close to the subway or the bus stop?

Bring snacks / water when traveling.

Kids will need snacks when you’re exploring, and it will drives you crazy to spend money on silly snacks. Throw a few sticks of granola into your bag and pull it out when the kids need fuel. It doesn't even get started on how much you will hate spending money on bottled water when you can buy the whole case for the same amount. Always bring your own water. However, splurge when it comes to treats that you can only find at that location.

Those are the best way to save money while travelling according to our bed and breakfast in Lagos.

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