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A list of handy travel apps you must have on your phone.

Travel agent? Who needs it when you have a smartphone? Planning a trip can be frustrating, but this is 2019 and you have all the tools you need to make mapping your vacation easy. From the App Store to Google Play.

No matter how perfect you thought you have planned your trip, sometimes things can go wrong. From trivial matters like no phone credit or bad wifi until your passport get stolen, we all have travel problems that pop up all the time. To help you overcome this problem, our guesthouse in Lagos has compiled some of the best travel applications to help you get out of difficult situations when you travel.

Below are some of the best travel applications that you must have on your phone :


From flights, hotels or even rental cars, Skyscanner has everything you need. This app looks for the most affordable and best options through its travel partners. Book flights quickly and easily. Your flight got canceled? Or just book a luxury vacation? Skyscanner app searches for millions of different flight options to find the best flight for you. Prepare price alerts to be notified when flights change prices, or if you feel you want to search for flights to go anywhere. You can also compare prices for hotels and rent a car as well.


Whether it‘s legal in the city you are about to visit or not, Airbnb is a household name. The application undercuts accommodations by offering much cheaper prices, and you will have an experience by allowing you to stay with locals, or in their homes. This app also offers a feature called Trips, which offers an Experience to choose from during your stay, this is an event that you can join with a local guide. This app will be a complete travel application that lets you plan your day, rent a car, and more.

Uber – Taxi Booking App

Say what you want to say about the company, we all use Uber. When you are in another city and can't face the confusion of their public transportation, or don't have enough cash to pay and tip ordinary taxi drivers, Uber is probably what you pull first. Even though this app is not available everywhere, but now it covers almost the entire world. Usually cheaper and more efficient than any ordinary taxis. And if you ever find yourself in Croatia, you can book the new Uber speedboat.


No matter how you choose to navigate a new country, you will need a map at several points. Thankfully, the awkward days unfolded giant maps while the locals laughed at tourists are over. MAPS.ME does something different that most other map applications don't have, it lets you see your map offline. That's important when you're roaming data rates and don't want to be charged a lot to check where you are now and later.

Google Maps

Google Maps is widely considered the best navigation application. Offers directions for traveling by car, public transport, on foot, by taxi, or by bike. You will find it quite reliable in offering local public transportation options in other countries, and you can also download certain areas for offline use. You can also use Maps to find out when places like museums or restaurants nearby, and check to see how busy they are in real time. You can even search for accommodations with features like free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly or AC, for example.

XE Currency

Although this is not the prettiest application, XE Currency is one of the most powerful currency converter applications available for iOS and Android. It is constantly updated and offers direct exchange rates for "every world currencies and precious metals." What's neat is being able to store the latest values ​​so you can access them if your device is offline. Also neat is Siri's shortcut support.

Google translate

Even the most prepared travelers can experience language difficulties on their way. There are several different translation applications and hardware solutions, but for a traveler, it's hard to beat the Google Translate application. The user can listen to the conversation and provide the translated text, but also works on the entered text too, and through the camera of your smartphone, the user can see the sign and translate its meaning.

Nord VPN

On your trip, you might find that certain countries block certain websites, like Facebook and Google. Or maybe you want to watch TV from you hometown. One way to overcome this problem is to use VPN, or a virtual private network. We recommend using a VPN whenever you are connected to a public or hotel Wi-Fi network to protect your privacy.

Nord VPN is most of people favorite VPN service, thanks to thousands of servers worldwide. It costs $12 per month, but you can often get it cheaper through promotions and it will work on your phone, tablet or laptop. And then you can choose your own DNS server address, while servers in a special category are regulated by country and city.


Learning a few words in the local language will help you make connections and talk with local people. If you don't have time or don’t want to spend money for formal lessons, Duolingo is a useful application that teaches you new languages ​​for completely free. Each lesson includes various speaking, listening, translating and multiple choice questions to help you learn your language in a short amount of time.

Those are the best travel apps that you must have on your phone according to Casa Rosa Montes.

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