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7 Lagos beaches that must be visited

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Looking for the perfect town to visit during your vacation in Algarve, Portugal? Lagos is definitely one of the most amazing towns you must visit in the Algarve, Portugal.

Algarve is a busy summer hot spot, especially for sea lovers. And the city of Lagos is one of the most sought after destinations in the region. Characterized by stunning natural treasures and its rich maritime history, Lagos attracts tourists and expats from various walks of life. For anyone who plans to spend some time in one of the most beautiful towns in the Algarve.

Lagos has so many attractive natural sites with the most famous beaches. From the city center to Ponta da Piedade, on the west bank of the city.

Here are 7 Lagos beaches that must be visited :

Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade is one place that is hard to believe exist! Located about 3 km from downtown Lagos, it's probably the most amazing coastline in the world and according to the Huffington post Ponta da Piedade is the most beautiful beach in the world.

Featuring an amazing combination of majestic rock formations, caves, oceanic arches, crystal-clear green water and ocher cliffs, Ponta da Piedade will surely impress you.

Praia do Camilo

One of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos, Portugal and throughout the Algarve, Praia do Camilo is a very beautiful beach framed by impressive limestone.

The small beach, surrounded by orange, red, and yellow cliffs, has greenish green water, yellow sand and is accessed by a long wooden staircase.

What people usually like the most about Praia do Camilo is that the scenery is so beautiful, whether you see it from a cliff, the sand, the stairs, and even from the water.

Praia da Batata

The nearest beach to the city center, "Potato Beach" has excellent infrastructure with public bathrooms, restaurants, showers, lifeguards, umbrellas, chairs, and Stand Up Paddle Boards for rent and is one of four beaches in Lagos that can be accessed wheel chair.

At the entrance, you can see the historic coastal fort of Ponta da Bandeira which was completed in 1690, Cais da Solaria, a breakwater that protects the mouth of the Bensafrim River, and the marina and port of Lagos.

As you walk towards the southern end of the beach with the familiar ogar Algarvian cliffs, Praia da Batata becomes much more beautiful, calmer and nicer.

Praia do Pinhão

Located between Dona Ana and Praia dos Estudantes, Pinhão is another beautiful Lagos beach with clear blue water, orange and yellow towering cliffs and yellow sand.

The beach is accessed by steep stone steps and also through Praia dos Estudantes at low tide. Praia do Pinhão is often accessed by young people and families and the second part, closer to Dona Ana Beach, is larger and busier. The best thing about Pinhão is a decent and untouched place without the commercialism that you might see on other beaches in Lagos.

So bring your own towels, thermal bags and umbrellas with drinks because there are no amenities here.

Praia da Dona Ana

When you arrive at Praia da Dona Ana, you will understand why it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

On one side, the walls are long and uneven, formed by orange cliffs covered by low vegetation, blending with blue water and disappearing before your eyes. On the other side, the cliffs protect the beach and form a perfect bay for swimming in its calm waters.

Access to this beach is by stairs and there are parking lots, beach facilities, wooden walkways, restaurants and masseurs and lifeguards on duty.

Praia de Dona Ana is very popular among locals and tourists and has been enlarged to be more present in everyone.

Even though the beach can be very crowded during the summer, it really is worth a visit.

Praia dos Estudantes

The Student Beach may have the most interesting history of all the beaches in Lagos because there is a small bridge that is part of the fort.

This small sandy beach is located between rock formations that stretch into the sea, making the water very calm and perfect for swimming!

The beach is accessed via a small staircase or handmade tunnel that connects Praia da Batata with Praia dos Estudantes. There is also a former excavated tunnel from where you can go to the nearest beach at low tide.

Praia Grande

Are you looking for an extra dose of adventure in return for a peaceful and flashy place? Praia Grande is your beach!

Access to the beach is pretty challenging because you have to go down on a cliff holding on to a rope, and then squeeze yourself between the cliff walls.

But don't worry, because it's actually not rock climbing and doesn't need more than 10 minutes to get there.

Praia Grande is surrounded by tall yellow-orange cliffs, has light golden sand, caves, and caves that beg to be explored and incredible clear turquoise water.

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